8 Reason how French Kiss Gives You Health

Many people expressing their love with a french kiss. In a fact a french kiss can deepen ties between the two lovebirds who are romantic couple. Not only good for the continuity of the relationship, the benefits of french kiss could also have an impact on your health a favor.

But wait, a french kiss can turn into a dangerous activity if not do in a healthy manner.

Positif aspect of French Kiss

The main benefit that you can feel from a French Kiss with your partner is an increasingly close relationship. The more often you kiss with a loved one, then you will be more connected to him, both physically and emotionally. In a way, kissing has an important role in fostering a relationship.

For your own health, a French Kiss can provide a variety of benefits such as:

  • Relieves stress. When stressed, try to kiss your partner. Afterwards you will definitely feel much calmer. Yes, kissing it can reduce tension and anxiety caused by the stress hormone cortisol. When kissing, these hormones will be reduced and replaced by a hormone that can make you feel better, the hormone oxytocin.
  • Make you feel happy. Once the stress is gone, you can still feel the happiness after kissing. When we kiss someone, the body will release endorphins, hormones that can either make you feel happy.
  • Younger Face. the passion from a French kiss make some movement of the muscles around the face . The result is the face and neck will feel tight.
  • Burn calories. A minute kissing chances are you can burn about 2-6 calories, depending on how excited you are when kissing.
  • Caring the heart's health. When you kiss someone, heart and pulse will pump well. At the same time, decreased blood pressure due to blood vessel dilation.
  • Treat headaches. Soft kiss can release chemicals that affect both the brain.
  • Enhance the immune system. Did you know that the exchange of saliva can boost the immune system? Yes, chances are your body's defense will be stronger thanks to the benefits of french kiss.
  • Remove dental plaque. Saliva also can get rid of the bacteria on your teeth. It can help shed plaque on the teeth. But that does not mean you can throw away your toothbrush.

French Kiss Could Spread Disease Virus and Bacteria When kissing, various kinds of virus or bacteria from saliva and blood can easily infiltrate your body. Viruses and bacteria can cause you attacked by a variety of conditions. * Influenzha
* Tooth decay.

      *  Warts in the mouth.

      *  Herpes infection.

      *  Glandular fever.

      *  Hepatitis B.

      *  Meningitis

The first thing you can do to avoid the dangers of french kiss is to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed at night, or after a meal. Also convey this to your partner.

However, you can still prevent it from happening in the following ways. When you're a cough or a Influenzha, you definitely do not want anyone else to drink or eat from the same equipment with you. That was done because it can make you a person contracting the disease. This also applies when you are kissing. So avoid kissing when you or your partner are suffering from illness or injury are on the lips and mouth. If you love on your partner, you should be honest with him when you are suffering from certain diseases. People who are really dear to her partner certainly will not plunge into danger.

Another way that can be done to minimize the risk of getting a virus or bacteria is by vaccination. Injecting immune to the virus of this disease is highly recommended, especially for those of you who have never got as a child. You can ask your doctor about what vaccines and syringes that can be obtained to prevent the body infected with a virus or bacteria from kissing. By doing the above, you can minimize the risk of contracting and transmitting the virus or bacteria while kissing, in addition to still get the benefits of a 
french kiss.

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