9 Ways to Treat Eye Minus Naturaly

9 Ways to Treat Eye Minus Natural

9 Ways to Treat Eye Minus Natural | Eye minus or nearsightedness is a situation where we can not see an object clearly. For minus own eyes can be classified into two: eye minus myopia and hypermetropia. Eyes minus myopia is a disorder in which the eyes are unable to see properly object or objects with distances.

If you are already suffering from eye diseases minus, and (sorry) still do not have money for medical expenses, do not give up ya, because here I am going to a variety of tips on how to reduce or even cure eye minus a way that murag festive and can be done by yourself own. But before we discuss how, let's find out first what things can cause eye so minus the following:

Main Cause Eye Minus

There are several things that can cause damage to the eye, especially eye minus, are as follows:

1. Bad Habits

Everything in this world has a definite cause and effect. Likewise with minus eyes, why do your eyes can be a minus? Definitely there is also the cause. Many studies claim that people living in urban areas, have a higher risk for eye disease minus rather than people who live and work in the countryside. Buddy inner know not why?

Since most people spend more time in urban places or events with a visibility that is not much. It was also because of a long jam in front of the monitor screen with a long time. So this will cause eye muscles that regulate eye focus and in time they will be familiar with such conditions. As a result, when viewing a distant object, the eye does not function properly, because it was used to see objects at a close distance.

2. Genetic factors (Descendants)

If you have an eye minus, then you try to see if there is one member of your family who have eyes minus? For example the father, mother and so on. If there is, meaning the cause of minus your eyes are due to hereditary factors.

3. Less Rest

Or minus myopic eye can also be caused by a lack of rest. Just like you, the eyes also need a break. So do not impose your eyes to work hard. Try not to sit in front of the monitor / computer for too long and did enough sleep

4. A diet poor

Your bad diet can cause damage to the eye. For example due to lack of eating vegetables like carrots eventually you are deficient in vitamin A and consequently suffered damage your eyes.

Actually there are other things that can cause eye minus, but because today I did not have enough time to write, so I have both ends meet first, and the rest I will discuss it again in the next article ok.

Now that we know a few things that can cause damage to the eyes, now we will discuss what the hell can we do to make the eye minus / nearsightedness our dwindling, even cured? Ok without lengthy, let us consider some tips below minus treat eye:

1. The first tip is, try to remove the glasses that you wear if it is less necessary, such as when you are in a small space and not working of course. You can do this if they could see clearly even without glasses.

2. Then, you can train the eye to see objects or distant objects without using glasses. For example, you can go to places like fields, hills, etc., because these places have a distant perspective.

3. Furthermore, you can also train the eye to see objects that move. For example, when you are on the highway, you can observe people, motorcycles or cars passing by on around you. Look and see every move, try to shadow you see is intact not dim

4. Eyes minus 4 can also be cured with betel leaf, is very easy. We only need 2 pieces of betel leaves, then wash the betel leaf and paste your eyes setap time you sleep. Do this regularly to get maximum results.

5. If you are used to working at a computer, try every 25 minutes, take the time to move from your seat might be to simply take a drink of water and try to look out the windows / outside the house, look around your neighborhood.

6. One more unique tips by performing wax therapy, is easy enough. You just pelu lilih and gaze lit the candle without blinking and wait until the water out of your eyes. Although relatively modest, but he said trapi is quite potent. But somehow I've never proved this way. But it would not hurt also to try :)

7. Do not forget to clean your eyes, if necessary, you can use eye drops for the eyes protected from dirt and bacteria.

8. Wear a helmet / goggles when you are driving, the goal is to prevent dust from entering the eye.

9. If necessary, you can also consume foods made of carrots or carrots, for example, vegetable soup, carrot juice and so on.

Quite easy is not, in addition to easy also very cheap. But remember, do the above tips routinely and regularly in order to get results in the maximum as well.

How, if you are ready to try it? In conclusion I wish you good luck and may Allah give kesembuhkan for those of you who are being attacked by the disease, especially those suffering from diseases of the eye is minus.

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