Masturbation Effect on Health

Masturbation Effect on Health!

Masturbation hazard to health. Masturbation too often can lead to excessive parasympathetic nerve activity. The impact is the production of hormones and chemical compounds increased sex include acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. Chemical imbalance caused by masturbation hobby that too often can lead to a wide range of health problems including the following:

1. Hair loss and baldness

Hair Loss is another effect of masturbation. If this is not addressed, will eventually lead to baldness or thinning hair in men. It is clear that the negative effects of masturbation / masturbation can cause the body to become weak and lackluster so work activities will be disrupted and becomes no longer productive. Each time her body stiffened as orgasm, men will lose quite a lot of energy because almost all of the muscles to contract. As a result, if too often, men will lose the passion for activity and are likely to feel sleepy during the day.
In addition muscle contraction when having an orgasm can trigger muscle pain, especially in the back and groin. For those who do it with bare hands without lubrication, pain can also attack the penis because the friction can cause blisters.

Are the side effects of masturbation soap?
Some types of soap contain substances that are provoking the deep layers of skin and are too strong for the inner layer of skin, causing a kind of blisters, irritation and injury to your reproductive organs.

2. Prostate Cancer

Next Masturbation effects on health is prostate cancer. This is based on research from the University of Nottingham who claimed that men who frequently masturbate at the age of 20-30 years, are at greater risk of prostate cancer. The scientists conducted a survey of 800 men, and found that 50% of them suffering from prostate cancer.

3. Early Erection

The Other Masturbation effects on the health of others is  premature ejaculation. Such statements sex expert Dr Andrew Wanananda MS "This is caused by the habit of haste during masturbation / masturbation because it wants to quickly feel the pleasure of orgasm alone (self-satisfaction). Then when he got married, nature is still imprinted on him to ignore the existence of his wife . that is what causes most cases of premature ejaculation, "he said in a medical consultation.

4. Pain back and groin.

Muscle contractions when having an orgasm can trigger muscle pain, especially in the back and groin.

5. Impotence / Weak orgasm

The dangers of masturbation can lead to impotence. Disorders of the parasympathetic nerves can affect the brain's ability to respond to sexual stimulation. As a result, the ability of weak erection, even in a certain severity that can cause impotence sexual disorder that causes the penis can not stand at all.

6. Leaking valve semen.

Masturbation too often will disrupt nerve disorders such as the ability to channel semen to open and close at A suitable time. As a result of sperm and semen is not only out when erect, the mucus can also exit at any time like snot though the penis is in a state of suffocation.

7. Loss of energy, nutrients and body

Because masturbation is easy to do, many do so without feeling that they have lost a lot of energy and do not need to wait much longer to live. People excessive masturbation usually faded color of their skin, their opinions are not clear, lack of ideals and always stress.

8. Body fat and stocky

Women who masturbate excessively will save more mucus the body and cause excess weight problems. This is because sexual stimulation is concentrated in the area of the clitoris, weaken the kidneys due to excessive stimulation and reduce mucus weight loss efforts.

The Other dangers of masturbation of physical health as we have discussed above, Masturbation also have adverse effects on our mental health.
  • ·         Feel insecure and pessimistic, this is the effect of sin

  • ·         Less vigor and weaker than ideals

  • ·         Always shrouded by guilt

  • ·         And other countless

So,, Before Masturbation, Thinking the effects!

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